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removal of tonsils and adenoids

    removal of tonsils and adenoids in children

You might sometimes suffer from pain in your throat and we all have encountered the same at least once in our lives. When such pain occurs more often, doctors will inform that you are suffering from tonsillitis where tonsils in your throat are infected. Adenoids are similar to tonsils and they are small glands located behind the nose and above the throat. These are soft tissues, which cannot be easily spotted, but only with special instruments.

Sometimes streptococcus bacteria infect tonsils and adenoids and the doctors would recommend removal of tonsils and adenoids. Initially antibiotics would be prescribed and if the condition persists, the doctor would recommend tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. Those who have enlarged adenoids would find it difficult to breath at night.

Infections related to adenoids are most often seen in children as adenoid glands tend to shrink on reaching the teenage years. Hence, the removal of tonsils and adenoids are most often performed in kids. Children would find it hard to breath and they would suffer from sore throats more often.  Both these glands are removed during the surgery and they give a quick relief to the patient.

About the surgery

If tonsils and adenoids enlarge most often, they would create difficult much difficulty and hence the doctor would recommend the surgery. Children, who suffer from frequent ear pain due to adenoid infection, would suffer from temporary hearing loss if it were not treated at the earliest.

temporary hearing loss

      how to remove tonsils and adenoids

The surgery associated with the removal of tonsils and adenoids is simple and general anesthesia is given before the same. You will fall asleep and will not feel any pain. Meanwhile, the doctor will keep your mouth open and he would then use different equipments to take the soft tissue out.

The surgery is not complicated unless there is a non-stop bleeding after the surgery. You need to take only liquid food for a few days as you would suffer from sore throat after the surgery. The doctors would suggest that you take rest for about 10 days, after which you can return to your busy schedule. However, you will have to depend on ice packs and cool liquids to soothe the pain.

Tonsils and adenoids after removed will not cause any kind of infection in your throat and the surgery will also reduce the breathing difficulty.

This is how tonsils and adenoids are removed from the body.

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What causes snoring

What causes snoring in a person

How would you feel if your breathing is interrupted during sleep? Imagine yourself gasping for breath, and you becoming helpless. Apart from breathing problems, a situation called Obstructive Sleep Apnea makes you struggle to breathe during sleep. This condition occurs due to chronic snoring habits and hence to avoid such threatening sleep disorder, it is better to get rid of the snoring issues at the earliest.

What causes snoring?

In order to stop snoring, it is essential to know what causes snoring at the first place. It is well known that snoring is a condition, which generally occurs when the nasal passage is clogged with mucus or dirt and free flow of air is restricted. The snoring sounds is produced when the air breathed during sleep is forced to vibrate the soft palate and uvula in the throat.

Many a times, a person’s routine habits are attributed to cater snoring issues. Alcohol use, smoking cigarettes, taking antihistamine, intake of caffeine, and the other depressants and muscle relaxants are some of the major factors that lead to snoring. All these substitutes make the throat tissues loose and vibrate with the airflow during sleep. This situation can be controlled by checking on the dire habits, so that you can avoid fatal disorders allied with snoring.

After you find out what causes snoring in you, the next step is to get an anti snoring device that could help you curb snoring. Different anti snoring devices available today include nasal strips, nasal sprays, chinstraps, CPAP machines, and anti snoring mouth guards. If you were a mild snorer, the perfect remedy for you would be nasal strips, chinstraps, or sprays. These solutions open up the nasal passage and allow you to breathe easily.

However, if you want a perfect remedy to get rid of your chronic snoring problems, the best option would be an anti snoring mouthpiece. Although you could find a choice of snoring mouthpieces online, the best one available today is SnoreDoc.

Threatening sleep disorder

Major causes of snoring

About SnoreDoc mouthpiece

SnoreDoc is a custom-moldable mouthpiece that allows you to curb snoring problems from the very first use. The device is made with non-toxic thermoplastic materials, which guarantee that it is safe from side effects. SnoreDoc comes with specific instructions for molding the mouthpiece, and hence you can do it yourself without any expert assistance.

If you wish to purchase SnoreDoc, you can click here to place the order for the same. It costs only $49.99, which is quite lower than spending on ineffective solutions. Order now!

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Removing Adenoids

Tonsils And Adenoids

Tonsils and adenoids in children are considered as foremost and frontline defense against allergens, dust and infections.  At times, these frontline defense systems can be infected. Then removing adenoids will be the only option in front of us to prevent further complications. Enlarged adenoids can cause a lot of trouble to little kids. Usual medications will not be enough during such conditions and the doctors will recommend adenoid removal surgery. However, this is necessary if the child is having one or more of the below mentioned symptoms.

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Sleep apnea
  • Frequent infections
  • Hearing loss and ear infections

Adenoid removal is necessary when there are recurrent infections. This is because frequent infections can lead to ear and sinus problems in the child. Swollen adenoids can adversely affect the capability of the space in the middle ear to stay ventilated. This condition can sometimes cause dreaded infections that might result in temporary hearing loss.

Tonsils can also be removed, if absolutely necessary, while you are thinking of removing adenoids. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are combined and common pediatric surgeries that are conducted in children.

What happens while removing adenoids?

Surgical operations can always be frightening for parents and kids. You can prepare your child for the surgery by talking to them about it. This will help to ease their tension and worries about adenoidectomy. You can also tell them in advance, what will happen before and after removing adenoids.

  • The kid will receive general anesthesia prior to the surgery.
  • There are chances that the child will be asleep for almost 20 minutes

As mentioned before, a sore throat is a common symptom occurring in children after adenoid removal. The sore throat can normally last for one to two weeks after the surgery. During this period, children are not supposed to be fed with hot, spicy and solid food. On the other hand, they should be provided a liquid diet with the items mentioned below.

  • Fruit juice


    Enlarged Adenoids

  • Ice cream
  • Yogurt
  • Apple sauce
  • Half cooked meat and vegetables
  • Pudding
  • Gatorade

An ice collar will certainly help to make the swelling subside. You can prepare the ice collar by placing ice cubes inside a zip-lock bag wrapped in a towel, and place it on the front side of the child’s neck. Do not allow the child to indulge in any strenuous activity, and send him or her to school only after three to four days post surgery.

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Snoring Mouthpiece

Anti Snoring Remedy

You may ask to any eminent sleep expert and they will say that snoring is a problematic disorder. A vast majority of people are suffering big time because of their snoring habits. This is why they are always in pursuit of effective snoring cures and remedies. A snoring mouthpiece is one of the anti snoring devices that are popular nowadays. Before going further into the cures, let us take a quick look at the numerous causes that lead to snoring.

Major snoring causes    

There are basically two factors that lead to an individual’s snoring. There are natural factors as well as external factors. Usually, as an individual becomes old, there will be an increased accumulation of fat tissues around the areas of the throat and neck. Things can go worse when the tongue becomes heavy and rolls to the backside of the throat. This will make the air passage to shrink. As a result, the restricted airflow will force the soft palate and uvula to vibrate. It is these vibrations that actually produce the snoring sound while one is asleep.

Obesity and chubbiness is also considered as a main factor that causes snoring. This is because the chances to develop the disorder are more in fat people when compared to normal people. Anyways, as mentioned earlier, we can keep snoring at bay by using a snoring mouthpiece, nasal drops, and nasal sprays.

Anti snoring remedies

You can wear a snoring mouthpiece before you go to sleep. It will cover your mouth and jaws and prevent the jaws from shifting their positions. This will enable you to breathe naturally through the nose and thus you will not snore. Other types of snoring remedies like nasal drops and sprays can be directly applied to the nose. They will give you an instant relief from clogged noses that can trigger snoring symptoms. Change in your sleep positions can also be useful in your efforts to stop snoring.

Problematic Disorder

Ultimate Snoring Cure


SnoreDoc is touted as the most successful method to curb snoring. So far, many people have found relief using this unique snoring mouthpiece. The main advantage of SnoreDoc is that it’s customizable for individual users. This will help you to ensure that the device exactly fits the shape of your jaws and mouth. SnoreDoc will hold your jaws firmly and you can breathe normally through your nose.

Click here to place your order for SnoreDoc now itself. Forget about all snoring worries and sleep peacefully!

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Adenoids Removed

Adenoids Removed Surgery

If you are not aware, adenoids and tonsils help fight ear, nose and throat (ENT) infections in young children. Your adenoids lie where your throat meets the back of the nose. Your tonsils lie at the back of your throat, one on each side. Both are small lumps of tissue. A surgery done to remove your tonsils is called a tonsillectomy and a surgery to have your adenoids removed is called an adenoidectomy. An operation to remove both is called an adenotonsillectomy.

A child’s voice will be affected after Adenotonsillectomy, but may sound different only for a short while after the operation. It is very much unlikely that the operation will have any long-term effects.

Let us go into the details, your larynx, or voice box, sits at the entrance to your windpipe (trachea). Its main function is to act as an airway to your lungs, and to stop food and drink from entering into the windpipe when you swallow.

When you consider your voice, it consists of a tone that is produced by your larynx, which is modified by the resonating chamber consisting of your tongue, teeth, lips and your nose. You see, some slight, temporary changes may occur because as we can very well observe that the adenoids and tonsils lie very close to the larynx and nasal passage. Swelling in the area may affect your child’s voice after the operation (after getting the tonsils and adenoids removed). It may happen that your child may temporarily sound as if he or she is talking through his or her nose. You need not worry, this usually settles within two to four weeks.

Called An Adenoidectomy

Adenoids Removed Operation

Even your child may feel that his or her voice has started sounding different after the operation. This is because previously the enlarged adenoids and tonsils may have ‘muffled’ the high-sounding and high-pitched sounds. This may have prevented your child from hearing them clearly. After the operation, this no longer happens so your child’s voice may sound higher to him or her.

If you are concerned about changes in your child’s voice after the surgery (after getting the tonsils and adenoids removed), you can any way contact his or her surgeon and clarify the doubt.

So, we can conclude that adenotonsillectomy can affect a child’s voice, but only for sometime till the child adjusts to the changes.

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What Causes Snoring

Cure For Snoring

Snoring is considered as a major sleep disorder. This is because many people are victims of snoring and suffer due to the problems caused by it. The person who snores is not actually aware about the problems caused. The individual who has to share the room or bed space has to go through the whole trouble. This is why snoring happens to be one main factor behind many divorce cases. Many people know what snoring is. What most people do not know is what causes snoring. The facets mentioned below will tell you more about the causes and the cure for snoring.

Major snoring causes

Medical experts will tell you exactly what causes snoring. According to them, one of the major snoring causes is the blockage created inside the air passage. Usually, snoring is caused when the uvula and soft palate vibrates due to the restricted airflow in the windpipe. This happens when the windpipe becomes constricted. The constriction of the windpipe is usually created by human anatomic conditions such as enlarged tonsils, accumulation of fat tissues in the neck and a heavy tongue that collapses at the backside of the throat.

Few more explanations can be given when you think about what causes snoring. Increased relaxation and diminished muscle tone in the throat area can also cause snoring.

Natural snoring remedies

One of the best natural remedy to stop snoring is to change your sleep position. Chances are more to develop snoring habits when you sleep on your back. This is because the mouth opens wide and as a result, you will have to breathe through the mouth instead of breathing through the nose. This condition can be avoided if you change the sleep position to your sides or try to sleep on your stomach.

Anatomic Conditions

Major Snoring Causes


SnoreDoc is believed to be the ultimate snoring cure devised so far. Unlike other snoring remedies, SnoreDoc can always assure you complete and long lasting results. This is why the device is used by many people today. It is indeed a one-stop solution to all the troubles caused by snoring. The apparatus is built of thermoplastic material and is safe to use. This is why most doctors suggest SnoreDoc to their patients. SnoreDoc comes in a sturdy and attractive case. You can store the device in the case after your usage.

Click here to place your order for SnoreDoc today. Hereafter you can sleep peacefully, without thinking about what causes snoring!

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Removal of tonsils and adenoids

The removal of tonsils and adenoids

Post surgery care usually takes place for detection of any adenoid problems that can crop up after removal of tonsils and adenoids:

  • When the surgery is over, your child will be shifted to the recovery room. His or her vital signs will be monitored every 15 minutes or so.
  • Pain reduction: Medication will be given to mitigate the pain and swelling.
  • In case there are complications such as bleeding and vomiting, then he or she will have to spend the night at the hospital so that he can have trained medical supervision. Otherwise, you can return home on the same day. The doctor will then give a week’s supply of oral antibiotics.

About the Tonsil or Adenoid removal recovery

The correct diet:

Your diet plays an important role in the adenoid surgery recovery. You need to give your child liquids and soft foods. The recommended foods include fruit juices, custard, jelly, ice cream and soft drinks. You can feed your child small doses of these foods at frequent intervals. Liquids are especially good because the antibiotics can cause constipation. Sour and salty liquids might cause discomfort.

Reducing the pain or dealing with it:

Oral antibiotics

Removal of tonsils and adenoids surgery

You can expect your child to be irritable and uneasy because of the pain. The removal of tonsils and adenoids surgery often results in throat and ear pain. The ear pain happens due to the close proximity of the ear to the site of the surgery. The removal of tonsils and adenoids surgery may result in the child having pain for about 10 days. Especially in case of adenoidectomy, the pain lasts for 3 to 4 days. The pain can be controlled by analgesic syrups. Chewing gum or sucking on ice cubes can really help ease the pain or soreness. Placing an ice pack on the neck can also make the child feel more comfortable. The doctor will advise you against using pain medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen as they can increase the chances of bleeding.

Bad Breath:

A grey or yellow scab would appear over the adenoid removal site. You need not worry as the scab will break off in 10 days. Your child might suffer from bad breath prior to this. This is quite normal, and gargling with salt water can really help control it.

These are the things you need to keep in mind during the recovery period after the removal of tonsils and adenoids.

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anti snoring

                     About anti snoring devices

Snoring problem has turned out to be a big health concern these days and unlike in the past, you would find people of all age groups snoring.  Snoring is not a gender specific health disorder and men and women snore equally. But, what makes such a wide population snore? Well, more people have unhealthy eating habits these days and this has led a majority of them to start snoring when they sleep. You might wonder how food habits acts as the cause for snoring. Apparently, overeating, especially the junk food items, is one of the major causes of snoring.

Overeating leads to obesity and this would in turn contribute to the fat deposits around the neck blocking the airway. The airway when gets blocked with excess mucus or throat tissue will create difficulty for air to pass through and it makes the soft palate tissue to vibrate creating the snoring sound that we hear. Snoring is in fact a sleeping disorder and it is essential to curb snoring before it leads to Sleep Apnea. You need to use some of the anti snoring devices that are the best cures for snoring.

Other triggers

Other snoring triggers include intake of alcohol, cigarette smoking, intake of antihistamine for allergic reactions, intake of caffeine, sleeping pills and other tranquilizers, incorrect sleeping posture and cold infection are the major causes of snoring. Other than the cold infection and antihistamine, all other factors could be controlled and hence they would bring much change in one’s snoring habit.

There are various anti snoring devices available and each one of them is designed to stop the snoring problems. The different anti snoring devices include nasal strips, sleeping pillows, nasal sprays, chinstraps, snoring mouth guards and others. If you were a chronic snorer, it would be better to try an effective anti snoring device. If you are looking for one, then the right product is the SnoreDoc Stop Snoring mouthpiece.

gender specific health disorder

              Different anti snoring devices

What is SnoreDoc?

SnoreDoc is a custom moldable device that could be molded quite easily. The device comes with a set of instructions for molding the same. Being a thermoplastic device SnoreDoc is non-toxic in nature and you could thus use it without any worry. After molding the device, start wearing the mouthpiece before going to bed and this will prevent your lower jaw from dropping backwards when you sleep. Thus you could breathe easily without any obstructions. Ensure that you use the mouthpiece for 4 to 6 months and this will help you to stop your snoring problem.

If you wish to purchase SnoreDoc, click here to place the order and it costs only $49.99 plus the shipping and handling charges.

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Anti Snoring

       Anti Snoring Devices

Even though millions of people suffer from the troubles of snoring, only a few of them take the right remedial measures to mitigate this condition. This is because many of the snorers believe that snoring is a mild condition that does not give pain and is not harmful for health. However, this concept of snoring is wrong and experts say that snoring is a condition that precedes other severe conditions like sleep apnea. This is, in addition to the annoyance caused by the snorer to his/her partner. In this post, we will go through some natural snoring remedies to fight this condition.

Using two or more pillows

When you add more pillows during your sleep, the position of the head becomes elevated and this in turn prevents the jaws and tongue from falling back. With jaws and tongue in the exact position, there is ample space for the inhaled air to pass freely and this avoids the issues of snoring.

Change your sleeping posture

A change in your sleeping posture can act as an anti snoring mechanism. This can be especially helpful for those snorers who tend to sleep on their back. By changing the sleeping position to the side or stomach, one can ensure that the jaws and tongue do not fall back and stay as a hindrance to breathing.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips can act as an anti snoring aids since they help to clear the nasal channels and thus ensure smooth flow of air. Another similar remedy is nasal dilators that can also alleviate nasal blockages.


Exercises are for those snorers who are obese and have excess fat content around their throat. With exercises, these snorers can cut down the fat deposits and ensure free flow of

Nasal Dilators

Anti Snoring Mouthpiece



Even though all the above-mentioned techniques can help you alleviate snoring to a certain extent, they may not be effective in giving you quick results or the desired results always. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for an anti snoring mouth guard along with the above techniques and one such effective mouth guard is SnoreDoc.

SnoreDoc is the most effective remedy for all snorers and has high success rate among its users. SnoreDoc costs only $49.99 and this makes it much affordable than its competitors. SnoreDoc is highly durable since it is made using high quality materials. Therefore, if the issues of snoring worry you and your partner, try SnoreDoc today. Click here to place your order!

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Removing Adenoids

      Dangers Of Removing Adenoids

Adenoidectomy is the surgical procedure of removing adenoids due to numerous medical conditions. The surgery is mainly done when there is problem with inhaling through the nostrils, frequent earaches and severe infections. The surgical procedure is usually combined with tonsillectomy and the time required for healing can be quite a few hours or sometimes even two to three days, depending on the patient’s age. Surgeries performed in children have a greater risk factor when compared to adults. Given below are some of the complications that can occur after a surgery.

Dangers of removing adenoids 

Bleeding after the surgery is one of the most common complications of removing adenoids. It is found that almost 3 percent of patients suffer from bleeding after having an adenoidectomy. Normally, it happens within two hours of the surgery. This finding was made by ENT USA that happens to be the authentic website for the ear, nose and throat. At the same time, bleeding can also happen at any point of time during the first two weeks after surgery. There are recorded medical cases where the patients had to undergo additional surgery to stop the bleeding.

Like all other medical surgeries, patients, after an adenoidectomy, can expect postoperative pain. Painkillers and other prescribed medications can help during such conditions. There is a heavy possibility for the surgical area to get a bacterial infection. Surgeons usually advise antibiotics to prevent such infections. Fever and dehydration are also common postoperative symptoms associated with adenoidectomy.

Changes in speech can also be expected after the surgery. Based on the survey conducted by ENT USA, it is found that almost 1 in 3,000 people might experience their speech to be more nasal. The changes mostly happen when the soft palate is unable to close off the nasopharnyx that is located at the backside of the nose. The patient will require another surgery if the problem persists for more than four weeks.

Postoperative Symptoms

    Complications After Removing Adenoids

Another complication that is related with the surgery is nasopharyngeal stenosis. This is a medical condition where the scar tissues are closed behind the back of the nose. In addition to that, the surgery can also result in cracked teeth due to surgical tools used for removing adenoids.

According to a study conducted in 2009, adenoid removal can account to weight gain in children. The research department at Health Services Netherlands also found that children of 7 years who underwent adenoidectomy put on more weight by the time they became 8 years old.

The above-mentioned complications are not that serious. Though this is the situation, regular medical checkups are necessary until the child becomes completely all right.

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